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  • Catch Josh in Dick Wolf's CBS hit show, FBI this season in "Uncovered" the 6th episode of the 3rd season.
  • It's been announced that there will be a sequel to Aleksandr's Price, the international indie film that Josh starred in.  The sequel is titled, "Aleksandr," and is currently in pre-production.  To see the first installment on Amazon Prime, click on this link here:  "Aleksandr's Price".
  • Filming is complete on "Sketchy: Tales of The Black Doodler," starring Robert Walker, Josh Berresford and Jacob A. Ware (Boardwalk Empire).
  • See Josh in "Set it Up" on Netflix with Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs streaming now.
  • Josh plays one of the detectives in the newly released "Equal Standard," starring Ice-T (L&O: SVU) and Maurice Benard (General Hospital).
  • Josh's short film, "The Audit," starring William McNamaraDeborah Twiss and David Morwick is currently making the festival circuit.
  • Josh's short film, "The Whisperer," directed by famed director, Bob Giraldi, is currently being submitted to the festival circuit. It had a great premier at the SVA Theatre in NYC at the SVA Theatre in Chelsea.

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"...Berresford and Pappadia both do a fine job of staying in the moment and--just as importantly, not telegraphing twists..." - Rod Staffor Hagwood, Sun Sentinel Newspaper (World Premiere of "Happy Ending" in Ft. Lauderdale)

"Berresford...is not only charismatic, but a great find and a standout. He definitely should be in mainstream films."- Victoria Alexander, Las Vegas Informer (International Indie Film, Aleksandr's Price)

"Josh Berresford...offers a beautiful, heartfelt and funny performance.”- Talkin’ Broadway.com (Forbidden Fruit)

Josh Berresford...managed to create four unique characters...he was... endearing....” – Off-off Broadway.com (Edenville)

...played by the winning Josh Berresford.”-nytheatre.com (Edenville)

Berresford is a fine actor...” – nyblade.com (Edenville)