FBI (CBS) Season 3 Ep. 6 "Uncovered"

Josh guest starring on the hit TV show, FBI, as Robby Wilkerson, a white supremacist anti-government anarchist. This

Gotham (FOX) Season 4 Ep. 5 "Dark Night: The Blades Path"

Josh playing a drifter who is one of the first to discover the new villain, Solomon Grundy, after he emerges from the swamp.

Eye Candy (MTV) Season 1 Ep. 5 "IRL"

A serial killer takes over a night club to play games with his victims. Josh wants to make some money and lick Sophia's shoe, played by Kiersey Clemons.

The Whisperer (SVA) Director: Bob Giraldi

Josh plays a very concerned and loving husband, not able to comprehend why his wife wants to be an MMA fighter.

Pirate's Booty Voiceover (w/David Wright of the NY Mets)


Brother P-Touch Labels Father's Day Radio Spot